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Our Product

We help foster a connection between our clients' need to diversify and expand their product offerings. Tailoring their individual needs into an all in one solution. While, keeping up with the latest trends, we hope to make this process as fluid as possible.  By offering private label packaging and a seamless process that brings everything together.


We make it a point to keep your products safe and ensure they fit you and your customers' needs. That’s why we provide a variety of certifications for your products so ensure that you can focus on giving what your customers want instead of paperwork.

Our Service

Product Development

We streamline the process so that we can get you going as fast as possible. Tailoring your individual needs into an all in one solution. 

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Private Label Store Brands

We help our clients diversify and expand their product offerings with our Private Labeling Services.

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Amazon Fulfillment

We provide FBA and MFN services so that you save costs on warehousing, and logistics.

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Quality and Safety

Our vetted QA experts will make sure the packaging process meet our safety standards. 

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Packaging & Design

Our team of graphic designers will assist you throughout the packaging process by ensuring your packaging and brand align.

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Finding the right food distributors can be an arduous task. So, we can do it for you.

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High Standards & Quality Assurance

Making Your Snacks Our Specialty

We are with you in every step towards creating your very own unique snack. We have streamlined the process so you don’t lose time and money creating your own snacks.

About us

Duogreen, the parent company of LiveWellSnacks, had a grand vision of making healthy snacking options for future generations. That vision formed from our air popped snacks. Not only to make healthy snacks taste amazing, but also to make air popped snacks the preferred snack for consumers.  We are leading the way to a better, healthier, and most importantly tasty future. Duogreen began preparations with a snack brand called Nova Crisps back in 2017.  Its sustained success made it a natural stepping stone to expand into LiveWellSnacks and turn our vision into a reality.  We deliver a broad range of air popped, healthy, delicious, and high-quality snacks that nourishes life’s little and big moments.    

We hope you can join us on this journey. We understand the struggles of working with manufacturers and having little to no control over the quality.  At LiveWellSnacks we are committed to high quality manufacturing and rigid quality controls to keep the highest standards you deserve.


We bring your brand to life so you can concentrate on the important big picture decisions


Vetted Expert QA & Safety Professionals

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We constantly develop and reiterate on our flavoring selections

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